Thursday, February 14, 2008

A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge

That's from Thomas Carlyle, and seems a lovely place to rest on Valentine's Day.

It's been a challenging couple of days; two of my "circles" are fairly-to-partly toxic, for a variety of reasons. I'm madly playing reveille in the dormitory where sleep the better angels of my nature. They seem not to want to report for duty today. Up, little angels, wake up...

On to better things: this is a day in which we celebrate love, and I am blessed beyond belief. I have a wife who loves and cares for me in many and various ways, always surprising me with some new way to look at things or to make our house (and lives) run more smoothly. This last couple of weeks, she very kindly gathered together and organized all our tax information--for each of us, our house, and the choir we helped to start. I had to do virtually nothing, and it's a task I really dislike. This is emblematic of the "feet on the street" kind of love she offers me every day. She is kind and patient, a great listener, and can make me laugh from the bottoms of my feet. I'm humbled and grateful...and just smitten with her. That is a great gift. Thanks, babe, for sharing your life with me.

Hmmm...I think I just heard the rustle of wings. Onward and upward...

Happy Valentine's Day! :-)

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