Monday, June 23, 2008


I am very small.
Pick me up and cuddle me.
How can you resist?

Hello, little one.
You have such expressive eyes!
You may have a treat.

4 a.m. whimper...
you want me to pee on WHAT?
Please take me outside.

Mosquito zone! Be
on alert for bloodsuckers!
There's one on your fur.

Yes, oh, yes, oh, YES,
I'd love to have some breakfast!
WOW—my silver bowl!!!

Handsomely outfitted
in blue nylon, her harness
is her sumo belt.

Linus grabs it, pins
Lucy—grrr, she throws him off!
Splat! He hits the floor.

Sunny afternoon:
pile of puppies fast asleep
in their big back yard.

MOMMY'S HOME! (pant, wag)
Where has she been all this time?
(slobber) We missed you!

Mommies look funny.
Their eyelids are droopy. It's
like they're not sleeping.

4 a.m. whimper...
Seriously. Please...outside?
Woo hoo! Now let's play!

6 a.m. cuddle...
We all could use a wee nap.
What will today bring?

Mommies are happy.
Puppies are fast asleep. Well,
"Sleep when baby sleeps!"


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Lovely rendering
of too-soon-lost puppyhood
I feel nostalgia.

Cecilia said...

Fabulous-- "Pupku"! I love it!

I'm so glad you're enjoying them.

Pax, C.

FranIAm said...

I was wondering how all that puppy love was going over there.

It sounds wonderful.

Tiring but wonderful!!!

Jan said...

You are a perfect "mother" to those sweet puppies. What a litany of blessings. Thank you.

Choralgirl said...

Thanks, y'all. This is a blast. Messy, but a blast.

Ruth, LOVE your pupku. :-)

Songbird said...

Sweet. I love the way puppy breath smells!

Diane said...

I miss puppyhood!

thanks for the memories.

make sure to take lots of pictures, too.

Namasday said...

Hey - if they are still at a 4:00 am outside pee and play schedule when I come, maybe my jet lagged self will join them... and give you guys a break!