Monday, May 18, 2009

Mompriest meets Katie Couric: an interview with the Revgals

Mompriest had a fun idea, so I thought I'd play along. Here goes!

1. Where do you blog?

In our office/family room/guest room, for the most part; our Mac is at the center of the room, which is usually fairly quiet, but for the neighbor boys' ongoing basketball game in the next driveway, and the continuing orbit of my pups.

2. What are your favorite non-revgal blog pal blogs?

For random musings and civilized, smart political discourse (with which I often disagree, but the way they write makes conversation possible, and I really like that):
For political musings with which I generally do agree, as well as lots of techie goodness, I visit Mary Hess at Tensegrities.

For deeply spiritual storytelling, go to Gordon at Real Live Preacher.

Philip Copeland writes and syndicates lots of interesting choral music stuff at ChoralBlog, and from an instrumental perspective, Sam & Sarah at InsidetheClassics.

For background content to my favorite NPR program, Krista Tippett's wonderful Speaking of Faith, I go to SOFObserved.

Oh, and for pictorial hilarity, you can't beat the LOLCATS and dogs...and celebrities...

3. What gives you joy?

Sleepy/cuddly puppies, Beloved's smile, choir rehearsal, prose/poetry/music that manage to be both substantive and beautifully written, a cozy dinner with friends, a shady hammock on a sunny afternoon, my congregation singing their hearts out.

4. What is your favorite sound?

See the end of #3; the sound the pups make when they wake up, lapping waves, chirping birds, the word "hello" from someone I love.

5. What do you hope to hear once you enter the pearly gates?

Welcome home. Choir rehearsal is down the hall; the puppy meadow is out back; the library's in that building over there. There's a line of people who want to see you when you've had a minute to sit down and here's a tall, icy diet Coke.

6. You have up to 15 words, what would you put on your tombstone?

I'm thinking of an Oliver Wendell Holmes' quote:

Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them!

7. Write the first sentence of your own great American novel.

She yawned, stretched, opened her eyes and leapt out of bed: today was the day.

8. What color do you prefer your pen?

Green felt tip, an increasingly rare animal. Beloved just scored a box of them for me! Woo hoo!

9. What magazines do you subscribe too?

Christian Century, The Advocate, National Geographic...and I read Time and Newsweek online.

10. What is something you want to achieve in this decade?

Retire a big chunk of debt! Not sexy, but it'd be a lovely thing, free-time-wise...

11. Why are you cool?

(laughing) Because I'm not, and I think I'm really OK with that.

12. What is one of your favorite memories?

I've already talked about the Big Ones in this blog (wedding, arrival of puppies, concerts), so I'm going with a simple one: a family vacation at the lake, the summer after junior year of high school. Lori (best friend) came along. We laughed more that week...

13. Anything else you've always wanted to be asked?

You should be spending more time creatively; can I hire you a personal chef/trainer/financial manager/housekeeper/assistant?



mompriest said...

Choral girl, it was a true delight to interiew you, puppies and all. (OH, yes they are so cute)...Thank you for your time.

Jan said...

What fun. I love your obituary words, even though I am a rotten singer and non-musical as they come. You're a wonder!