Friday, July 17, 2009

Choice vs. gift

Sometimes, in my more lucid moments, I recognize that the technology I enjoy is changing not just the culture around me, but also my perceptions about my place in the world.

The opening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, so long anticipated, has got me thinking. This sense of group expectation and shared experience used to be a lot more frequent. Remember when we had to all wait together to find out who shot J.R.? And for a while, NBC had must-see-TV on Thursday nights...and people talked about it together on Friday mornings.

Like so many other people I know, I have a TiVo and an iPod...not to mention Pandora and Hulu and iTunes. I get to choose what media I watch/hear, and when, with much more control than ever before. Generally, I like this very much; I get to fast-forward through commercials, and I never have to waste my time with a song I don't like.


Remember what it was like to be driving along, listening to the radio, and the EXACT, PERFECT SONG came on, seemingly just for you? Remember having a moment like this?

That doesn't happen to me any more. Most of "my" music feels like a choice, not a gift.

Maybe sometimes, in order to be surprised by joy, you've got to be "free fallin'" and just see what comes your way. :-)


mompriest said...

well, it kinda happens when the iPod is on shuffle...even though, of course all the music is of my choosing, just not the order...

Surprised by joy...rarely happens, but did to me this week while in Anaheim for the General Convention.

Diane said...

oh, that is so wonderful, Choralgirl. wonderful expression of the gospel -- and how alien it is to most of our lives right now.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I remember when I was a teen, whenever one of my really beloved songs came on, I would enjoy it but also feel angst because I knew someday it would go off the air and I wouldn't have that joy of hearing it unexpectedly anymore. (I didn't have enough allowance to buy many records.) I'm glad that it is now so easy to keep the songs I love, but I miss how precious the songs used to seem.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

It's true , nothing is a mystery anymore and we don't have to WAIT for anything. Life is much different. Good point.

Rachel said...

I heart this so much.
And you.
And Pandora.
But really you.