Saturday, March 8, 2008

Friday five: signs of hope

I'm a fan of the RevGalBlogPals, particularly LutheranChik (we lesbian Lutherans have to stick together!). Every Friday, they do a "Friday Five"--questions to think about a bit. I really like this week's theme, so I'm going to hop on their bandwagon and answer them, too.

If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged.

Because anything that points us toward hope is

1. Sign of hope?
After years (decades?) of apathy, the American electorate has awakened, stretched, looked around, and decided that they do care, after all, about how the country's being run--and are NOT happy with its current direction. Better still, they're finding ways to make themselves heard. Alleluia.

2. A word of light in a dark place?
Can't help but hear the sopranos of my church choir, as we're working up Faure's Requiem for Holy Week, singing "Lux aeterna luceat eis, Domine" (let your eternal light shine upon them, O Lord). Lovely, lovely moment in the Agnus Dei--go & listen to it, if you have a recording! It's a moment where the music turns on a dime, and their entrance is a musical shaft of light breaking through clouds of grief, like in the above photo. (After all, a requiem is a Mass for the dead). Mmmmm.

Also, the examples of several dear ones gracefully working through/waiting out various stages of grief with various causes is inspirational to me without fail. (See posting What You Get.)

3. A sign of spring?
The lilac bushes at the side of my driveway have BUDS on them, despite the fact that it's been below zero for a weirdly long time. Talk about perseverance in the face of adversity! :-) Oh, and it's 21 degrees right now, according to the thermometer on my garage. Just maybe, spring will come after all.

4. Challenging/surprising?
Dealing simultaneously with Beloved's family's issues with our Horrifying Gay Marriage and the recurrence of her mother's cancer is challenging. Prayers would be gratefully accepted here.

5. Share a hope for the coming week/month/year...
There are so many:
  • health for many ailing loved ones
  • healing for loved ones in grief
  • progress in relationships with Beloved's family
  • a completely new administration in the White House, headed by either our first woman or our first person of color...and progress on marriage rights for GLBT folk, at long last
  • progress/healing around GLBT issues in The Church, in my own congregation and wherever they appear
  • my weight loss goal (20 down, 40 to go!)
Bonus play: a piece of music/poem guaranteed to cheer you?
Too many to list, really, BUT anything by Earth, Wind and Fire or Aretha Franklin, or Stevie Wonder's "Sir Duke" will always get me bopping, as will African choral singing (or any other kind). Really, anything that's got beautiful poetry, well-crafted music and inspired singing will usually do the trick. See, I can't stop. New music is great, too--discovery is a joyful thing.

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Anonymous said...

congrats on 20 pounds lost! i'm proud of you...i know how hard it is. i'm 20 pounds away from being at my pre-baby weight (I gained TONS of weight with pregnancies so i'm glad to only be 20 pounds away from where i started) goal is to be there by the time jesse is 1 year old. i'm making good progress but it can seem SO SLOW sometimes. i love your blog. thanks for sharing it with me...