Thursday, April 24, 2008

Haven't we all had this hair day?

It's like Bill Bryson says:

I have very happy hair.
No matter
how serene and composed
the rest of me
no matter
how grave and formal
the situation,

my hair
is always having
a party.

Here's to happy hair.


HarpTonya said...

Happy Hair - what a neat concept!

Goes with the lyrics to this fun song by "Trout Fishing in America":

My hair had a party last night,
It musta got into a terrible fight,
Cause when my head hit the pillow it was lookin' alright,
My hair had a party last night.
My hair had a party last night,
When I lay down everything was all right,
It started out friendly but there must have been a fight,
My hair had a party last night.

I pick up a brush, pick up a comb,
I look at the scissors but I leave them alone.
There's a lizard that lives in the rocks by the sea,
This morning that lizard looks a lot like me.
I try to wet it down but it only makes it worse,
The cowlick in the back is a family curse.
I pick up a cap and I put it on my head,
And wish I was dreaming back in my warm bed.

Choralgirl said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha! Gutbuster. :-)

Counselor in Process said...

What a great doggie. I want one! Welcome to Revgals.

Jan said...

I need the smile today. Thank you.