Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Conspiracy theology

Yep, you heard me--not a theory, a theology. A living, breathing, do-something-meaningful, embodied theology.

For behold, I bring you sensible tidings of great sanity and compassion:

More information is available at

Because, after all, that McGiftcard may not be as powerful as you think, where the spreading of joy is concerned:


Diane said...

ah, the Advent Conspiracy!

more on this, eh?

FranIAm said...

Wow - I was pondering posting that today!

It is great - isn't it?

mompriest said...

I love Advent....and this idea is great...

Jan said...

I am seriously considering the Advent Conspiracy and have its logo on my blog. Thanks for posting, plus I always enjoy those Savage Chickens.

Trey Lyon said...

It's such a great idea...we're doing it at our church with our youth and hitting the thrift store, then "arts and crafting" them up.

Thanks for posting this!