Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Surround sound

Love this ad, found through CurrentConductor's blog.

And, oh my, what an interesting discussion here about the Whitacre phenomenon! Not just the post, which is thought-provoking, but the comments as well. I'd be curious to hear from anyone who was at his Minneapolis appearance last week...what do you think? I particularly like what commenter Philip had to say about not condescending to young people. About Whitacre, I think he's written a couple of lovely pieces (had a particularly powerful experience hearing his Lux Aurumque once), but he is a bit overhyped. I'm inherently suspicious of any cultural phenomenon at the center of such a splendid marketing machine. I will be interested to see what his next chapter is as a composer.


INTPanentheist said...

See, Eric Whitacre is just transcendent for me. I have so many wonderful memories tied to his music - not because they were tied with a time period when things happened, but because they are just so wonderfully evocative (particularly "Sleep" and "When David Heard").

That and his work with Paradise Lost. I am a huge, huge fan of techno and electronica, and I am absolutely thrilled by what I've heard him do with a combination of opera and some of my favorite music in the world. I find the themes moving personally, and really hope to get to see a performance someday.

However, as a choir kid from my generation, I think Whitacre was inevitable for me, honestly. I heard "Water Night" and it was over. (I haven't gotten to perform any of his work yet, but hopefully will once I start college; I plan on majoring in voice and continuing to play the clarinet as well.) I am not equally enthusiastic about all of his work; however, I am fanatical about the pieces I do love.

CurrentConductor said...

Glad you liked it! I find all my stuff like that through Choralnet's Choral Blog. They are pretty much my only source for choral tidbits, because I know they'll post about very nearly everything!

I am intrigued by the Whitacre discussion too, but don't know his music well enough to dive into the fray.