Thursday, March 19, 2009

To err is human

If you've ever directed or sung in a choir, you're familiar with the difficulties associated with certain consonants. For example, a little bit of "S" goes a very long way. An "L" can smudge into the vowels that precede or follow it, distorting both vowel and pitch. And, what has become my personal favorite, the dreaded "R." It has a way of overstaying its welcome, adding a saber-like edge to certain words.

It is a tradition in my choir to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19. In rehearsal, we sing whatever anthem we're preparing for the following Sunday as if we were pirates. The first time we did this, it was "If Ye Love Me," a Renaissance motet by Thomas Tallis. You'll have to use your imagination a bit here, but mentally stick a bunch of "arrrrs" in this:

High (seas) hilarity ensued. It has become something of a running joke with us. Last night, I was presented with a gift by my tenors and basses:

Thanks, me hearties. I'll nae be sendin' ye to Davy Jones' locker. Salmagundi and grog's on me!

Yer cap'n,
Anne Bonny


mompriest said...

What a great idea.....!! Maybe I should practice chanting the Eucharistic Prayer like a pirate - it might help me get through those arrr's - hee hee

Cecilia said...

Too, too wonderful.

I sang along. Alto. (Arr)

Pax, C.

INTPanentheist said...

Oh, the joy that just brought me.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

being a choral singer my entire life - this cracks me up! I love it! Our directors always have blamed it on our icky Ohio/midwest "accent".