Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beloved, a little bit broken

So...one of my favorite phrases to describe the human condition is that we're all God's children, broken and beloved.

Perhaps until yesterday, when Beloved got broken.

Specifically, her wrist...in Tae Kwon Do, sort of a freak accident. Her colleagues took her to Urgent Care, so that the doctor could breathlessly report, "Holy crap, you just shattered that sucker! I mean, you really MESSED IT UP!! You're looking at surgery for SURE. You're a medical marvel, you are. Never saw anything like it in my LIFE. Can't do a thing for you." (Not a direct quote, but that was the gist...)

Sigh. Said it to my (normally stoic) weeping wife (completely freaking her out), and then wanted her to drag her medically marvelous (and still unsplinted) self down the hall to look at the x-ray with him and hear the speech again. Sans painkillers of any kind.

I must admit, I briefly considered creating a situation in which HE would wish for painkillers.

Mastered myself, got the x-rays, got her splinted and OUT of there. So then we got to do it all again at the emergency room. For six hours. The staff there was great, though. A portrait of competent compassion.

And now she's at home for the week, anticipating surgery on Friday to put the thing right.

BUT, there are things for which I'm grateful in this:
  • a speedy, loving rescue with some practical stuff, carried out by M and B of our Mishpacha (thanks, girls, for your nimble grace and kindness)
  • it's her left hand, not her right (she's right-handed)
  • we have insurance, unlike so many others who have to do this on their own
  • we don't have to do this on a regular basis, and it's not life-threatening, just a painful hassle.
So...happy to be home with her tonight, and to have such lovely support around us. And to realize that we beloved ones can break and not, well, BREAK. :-)

All prayers for healing gratefully accepted, though!

Peace, friends.


Hidden in Christ said...

i hope y'all have an amazing night tonight! I will definitely be praying for her full recovery. how sweet that you get to care for your wife. one day, Lord willing, i'll be able to call Hope "my wife". because right now my beloved is sitting right beside me on our favorite couch, but i can't legally call her my wife. (but we call each other wife anyway :) but how sad that we can't legally tie the knot! sadness! maybe the times are changing though! hopefully some day i'll get to call Hope my wife!!! :)

Anonymous said...

much love to you both - heal well, roach!!


Cecilia said...

So sorry to hear this! Prayers coming her way...

Pax, C.

Chorus said...

I like the line about giving the doctor something to want painkillers for...

I hope that the healing is fast!!

Choralgirl said...

Thanks for the good wishes, y'all. :-)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Saying a prayer as I type. Hope all goes well.

Catherine + said...

Most definitely I am and will be praying for Beloved's healing and your peace.

Thank you for sharing with us, Choralgirl.