Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday five: the fallow season

1. Getting ready for summer, do you use the gradual tanning moisturizers, or are you happy to show your winter skin to the world?

I live in Minnesota. It's an identifying marker of Minnesotans of Scandinavian extraction to wear sunglasses in the early warm weather. This is not because of the sun, but in order to avoid being blinded by our pale skin as it sees the light of day for the first time in nine months. :-)

2. Beach, mountains or chilling by the pool, what/where is your favorite getaway?

Well, I'm always glad to spend time on the Choral Reef (ha ha ha). Again, a Minnesotan answer: Up Nort. Any lake will do, as long as the fuel has leaked out of all the JetSkis. (see answer 4)

3. Are you a summer lover or does the long break become wearing?

Yep. I love the slower pace, but sure will be missing my choirs in a couple of weeks! By the end of August, I'll have the choral equivalent of the DTs.

4. Active holidays; hiking swimming sailing, or lazy days?

Hammock. Book. Sssshhhhhhh.

5. Now to the important subject of food, if you are abroad do you try the local cuisine, or do you prefer to play it safe?

Depends on where I am. I'll try to find out what the area is famous for, and give that a try...unless it's...oh, say, braised octopus or chocolate-covered cockroaches or deep-fried pitcher plants with rum-raisin dipping sauce.



Sally said...

well played- I have to say I have eaten octopus! Love the any lake will do saying :-)

DogBlogger said...

Love your answer to #1! I resemble that remark ('cept I don't know of any Scandinavian ancestry).

She Rev said...

New to this Minneapolis area after growing up in Florida (with short detours in other places in the middle), I have finally found my home among perpetually pale folks!

Counselor in Process said...

Used to be 'married to a misplaced Minnesotan' so I know what you mean. I think anyone is brave to live that far north! And your are first and great!

Mary Beth said...

Hee hee, I love your food idears. I wouldn't eat any of those things myself, and I'm pretty willing to try most things once.

One time in Mexico I was with some folks who ate fried crickets. I did not. They all chivvied me mercilessly. My body just said, "no, thanks," and I was grateful to it the next day when I was the only one who didn't end up with turista. I'm sure the crickets weren't the culprit but...!!!!

word verification is ckiwret...meaning "don't eat cricket!"

God_Guurrlll said...

Hey, your in my hometown! I moved from Minneapolis a year ago to pursue a pastorate on the East Coast.

I can so relate to the wearing sunglasses to avoid the glare of the pale white skin.

Great play!

Certified Healing Coach said...

That was funny!! Especially the sunglasses thing :).

So you are a partnered lesbian Lutheran? I am a married lesbian Methodist! Never thought of saying it that way, though. Kind of catchy.

Mrs. M said...

Ahh... a hammock!

RevAnne said...

Love your #4. I'm there.

Counselor in Process said...

I looked up the church you mentioned. They have a very welcoming website but are way uptown. One of my qualifications is geographic-that is not to take a subway or cab to church. (I have a long commute by subway to work everyday and I also walk with a cane) So on weekends...
I may visit once in my discernment process, anyway. Who knows...