Thursday, May 8, 2008

#%+*@! insurance surgery tomorrow; it will be next week instead. Got to the orthopedic surgeon's office today (the one to whom our in-network hospital referred us, and whose eligibility I checked with the insurance provider on Tuesday morning) and discovered that he is not, in fact, in Beloved's network. Got the (rueful) boot from the doc's front desk staff.

Sat in the car and called the insurance provider, receiving three more names which would later prove ineligible, upon further investigation. Thankfully, the doc called Beloved's cell phone and invited her back in, for free, to explain the surgery and what she should expect, to refill her almost-empty scrip for pain meds, and (may he live 1,000 years) to get us in with another surgeon in the area, whom he trusts. And his staff checked with the new guy's staff and made SURE that the insurance end checked out OK.

So we're going to see the new guy tomorrow, and the surgery will be next week sometime.

#%+*@! insurance.

Thank you, Doc.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What a lovely bit of grace that the doctor came through for you that way. Praying for a good outcome with the new doc and surgery.

Choralgirl said...

Thanks for that, Ruth--you're right. He and his staff really did save the day today. :-)

HarpTonya said...

Well Praise God for a doctor who "gets it" (and for whoever invented pain meds - a Nobel prize to them!. I will remember your kudos for this doc should I ever need a surgeon of this nature (God forbid - I'd have been dessimated if I'd lost wrist function - no piano, no harp, no knitting - only FreeCell and online Scrabble to entertain me).

Does this mean that your Beloved will be able to sing in this weekend's concerts? That was the thought that was dwelling on my mind as I prayed for you both this morning.

And so, I pray for a peaceful day for you both - a gift of time this is, perhaps?

Enjoy the sunshine and each other's company.

Choralgirl said...

Well, there's always "Bejeweled." :-)

She's thinking she's going to try to sing. We'll see how it goes!

Have a good weekend...

ellbee said...

Our boy managed to break both of his arms (one right after the other this fall). After spending many hours in various waiting rooms dealing with a wide range of customer service skills - I can SOOOO relate. It is such a joy when you run into someone who goes above and beyond (instead of below and not far enough). Blessings to you and prayers for healing!

HarpTonya said...

Oh nooooooo - another Bejeweled addict too? How about "Collapse"?

Twin daughters of different mothers?

~ Birkies
~ music lovers
~ "wordies"
~ Scrabble
~ Bejeweled

What else could there be? How do you feel about the following: salmon, sweet potatoes, sushi, coffee ice cream, Freddie Mercury, Mark Knopfler, Vermont, ..........I digress.

Praying for a Speedy Recovery and a fabulous set of concerts tonight - only wish I could come. Perhaps next year!