Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The great escape

So. We have smart dogs. Perhaps they're smarter than we are.

Envision the four of us at S&J's cabin, which is absolutely lovely (he loves to build, she loves to decorate--it's really something!). Know also that Beloved and I are hyper-vigilant about the pups not messing it up via tiny teeth or even tinier bladders.

Finally, Beloved and I are in SUCH need of a getaway; it's been a busy, somewhat stressful summer, and we really need some quiet time.

Oh, and sleep. Did I mention sleep?

First night there, we've put Linus & Lucy's yellow and blue nylon travel kennel in the living room, outfitted it with chew toys and got them into it. We're in the bedroom, discussing whether or not to close the bedroom door (I think it'll comfort them to be able to hear us; Beloved wants not to hear THEM, just for the sake of one good night's sleep.) We close the door.

In the morning, we open the door to be greeted by a flurry of wagging tails. They've escaped. They're pleased with themselves and excited to see us.

It's cute. And there's no damage (alleluia).

Night two: we're ready for 'em. There are two zipper tabs that close the kennel. We've hooked them together with a paper clip. We're pleased with our problem-solving.

Let the tooth-brushing begin!

Five minutes later, there's the tailwagging thing again. In the bedroom, next to our bed. Really can't help but laugh. They're grinning.

Smart puppies. Tired mamas let them into the Big Bed for the duration of the trip. Much sweetness, but it's continually amazing to me just how much room a small animal can commandeer in a people-sized bed.

How do they DO that?

We got played. :-)


Chorus said...

Oh! I know what you mean... our two cats take up the space of a whole other person in our bed... makes for very crowded sleeping!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Smokey did the same thing to us last year--found out how to get out of the canvas kennel we'd brought. We bought a collapsible metal one for when we left the rented beach house. I didn't want any damages charges when we left.

He sleeps with us every night anyway, so that was no different.

Songbird said...

When my sister-in-law's beagle came to stay with us, she took up easily a third of our king sized bed!