Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This little piggy was a present...

from MR, my lovely (and talented) co-worker and friend. It cries "wee wee wee" all over the house, as Linus & Lucy love this thing. Funniest moment thus far was first thing this morning, when they had to take it into the back yard with them--neither pup would relinquish its hold on Piggy, not even while they were trying to negotiate the back steps. And a Great, Bouncing Kerfuffle ensued.

Puppies. :-)

Anyway, here are their first ecstatic moments with Piggy. Lucy's dialogue is in blue, Linus's in red (matching their collars):

Wow--how cool is THIS?!?!

Hey--gimme that!

Not a chance, Bub.

I warned you...


Let's share the piggy.

I'm having a moment of Pauline angst here.
I do that which I must not do.
We've all been there, right?

There remains one more chewy treat, which we're saving for August, when the national Republican convention comes to town (wink):

Meet Ellie.

Thanks, Auntie MR! You totally rock!

Love and slobbery kisses,
Linus & Lucy


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Smokey wants to play. He's very good at disembowling toys. Maybe he should take on the elephant. LOL

FranIAm said...

ur dogz - i luv demz.