Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Your damaged angel-in-waiting

Here's an interesting article on Wally Lamb's work with prison inmates who want to write.

In writing, as in life, voice is crucial.
Your voice has been honed
by your family, your ethnic heritage,
your neighborhood, and your education.
It is the music of what you mean in the world.
Imitate no one.
Your uniqueness -- your authenticity -- is your strength.



Diane said...

wow. provocative.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I really love the quotation you put here. So true.

Jan said...

Thank you.

Rachel said...

Love this.

mompriest said...

I've been reading a book by Mary Oliver on how to write and understand poetry. She suggests the opposite of this, imitate poets in writing one's own poems, until the poet in you comes forth in its own, perhaps the ability to become one's own can be the result of learning from those one admires? Just a thought...I do prefer the "be your own person"'s just the process of learning who that is and how that I ponder....