Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sentinels of the semicolon, unite!

I'm one of those grammar/spelling/punctuation people. You know the ones. You walk down the street with us, chatting away, everything normal, and suddenly we freak out when we see

Please judge us with compassion. This is a learned behavior, but it's not entirely within our control. I blame my eighth-grade English teacher. She warned us that she'd wreck us for life, that she'd turn us into Those People. We should have listened. We should have thrown those puzzle games and sentence diagrams right back in her face. Curse you, Mrs. VanderVennet!

I wonder if there's a twelve-step group for this. I guess I could consider it progress that I can let my hair down enough to play fast and loose with the occasional em-dash or ellipsis. It could be worse.

In the meantime, happy National Punctuation Day, everyone!


Chorus said...

I'm one of those people too... Cursed, we are!!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

There's no cure. Fortunately, it's not fatal unless you happen to edit someone with 'roid rage.

Choralgirl said...

LOL...I'll be careful.

Shalom said...

You have read "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves," right? A guilty pleasure for those of us who go a bit mental over punctuation gaffs. (My personal pet peeve is the its/it's distinction.)

On a more serious note - many thanks for your "sanctity of marriage" post below. So well said.